Welcome to Oturupon Wonnifa Temple

Our Spiritual Charter

The Holy Odu OturuponOwonrin is our Guide.¬†¬†IfaŐĀ says that the Holy Odu OturuponOwonrin is too demanding for the novice priest to recite; it is the prerogative of the elder awo to speak upon it. This was Ifa's teaching for Onira Sa Ira - the King of Ira - who was told to venerate Orisa Oya at Oja Igbo market in order to transcend and overcome.¬†Consequently, The primary orisa of Ira is Oya. Likewise, the patron orisa of¬†Oturupon Wonnifa Temple is Oya!¬†

Are you someone who really wants to practice Orisa Lifestyle, but have nobody to guide you? Are you trying to study and develop in your practice, but you have no idea where to start? Are you trying to integrate your spiritual life with your "other life" but struggle to connect Orisa Lifestyle with your work, family and daily activities? Are you interested in practicing Orisa Lifestyle from an African Centered perspective? 
Oturupon Wonnifa¬†will give you lots of structure and direction, without eliminating your freedom to choose what's best for you and your family.¬†‚ÄčThrough regular worship services, educational programs, online support, and one-on-one attention, you will get the support you need to finally connect the dots!!!¬†Oturupon Wonnifa¬†is ideal for¬†Africans who not only want to study, but also practice Orisa Lifestyle every day.¬†

The Holy Odu Oturupon Wonnifa

Oturupon won nifa Omode korida  
Oturupon won nifa Omode koriki  
Adifafun Onira Sa Ira omo aboya ija igbo
Won ni ko rubo nitori ire gbogbo
O gbebo otubo 
Ogberu oteru 
Ogbo kara ebo o ha 
Nje Onira Sa Ira omo aboya
Onidi jelenke o omo aboya rire gbogbo
- Holy Odu OturuponOwonrin

Our Spiritual Team

We are led by world class thought leaders who have dedicated their lives to building community and establishing authentic, West African practices in the diaspora. 

Chief LANRE OLAIFA OKEMUYIWA is the Araba of Oturupon Wonnifa Temple. The Araba advises and supports the Olu Awo. He shares sacred text, provides ritual support and facilitates initiatory rites in Nigeria. 

Olu Awo

OBAFEMI ORIGUNWA serves as the Olu Awo of Oturupon Wonnifa Temple. He guides all members in spiritual matters, including Ifa divination, sacrifices, shrine upkeep and ritual proficiency. 

Olu Awo oversees the temple's annual calendar of events. He officiates the Oturupon Wonnifa Ifa festival.

The Olu Awo serves as the Dean at the School of Orisa Studies. 



Delegate of the Olu Awo. The Awo Otun supports the Olu Awo by managing all the men in the Temple, priests and laity alike. The Awo Otun provides leadership in the way of initiating business opportunities for the membership. The Awo Otun also serves as the head of the Egbe Okunrin. In this capacity, he facilitates activities associated with raising awareness and increasing engagement amongst all the men of Oturupon Wonnifa. 



The Awo Osi supports the Olu Awo in all the temple's ritual activities. Awo Osi manages the acquisition of ritual materials and supplies. In addition, he coordinates temple personnel to ensure that every detail of our rituals are addressed according to best practices. 



Iyalode is the head of all women in the temple. As such, she assembles all other female leaders to support awareness and engagement in temple activities. Iyalode serves as the head of Egbe Obinrin. In this capacity, she works in conjunction with the Olu Awo and the leadership team to manage temple projects and initiatives. Iyalode is a strategist who balances the  spiritual, professional and personal interests of temple members. 



The balogun is in charge of internal rank and order. He organizes the membership for the purposes of waging external community service campaigns that increase the temple's influence in the community at large. The balogun manages logistics of temple activities. In addition, balogun oversees the maintenance of temple facilities, vehicles. 



The ojugbona works closely with the Olu Awo. He supports the temple's educational initiatives by organizing learning opportunities, answering frequently asked questions, suggesting learning initiatives, supporting students when they have ritual challenges and more. 



The iyaloja is in charge of internal marketing and branding for the temple. The iyaloja works in conjunction with the Olu Awo and the leadership team to deliver messaging, temple style guide and themes to all members. The iyaloja builds our brand from the inside out by helping members gain awareness and practice our shared values. 


The Elewi teaches recitation and songs. This includes leading weekly chanting sessions, periodic song clinics and management of transcriptions. The Elewi also coordinates participants to recite the Ijosin liturgy, 


The akoda awo is a ritual specialist who is adept at orisa devotion, specifically ojo ose. In addition, the akoda awo performs Ifa divination for the temple community. This includes personal consultations, as well as the collective itadogun. The akoda awo works in conjunction with the araba and the olu awo to perform Odunfa ceremonies, esentaiye, marriages and other important rites. 


The aseda awo functions as a teacher/philosopher/theorist. He is well versed in Odu Ifa, oriki, Yoruba proverbs and history. The aseda awo is a scribe and a lecturer. He works in conjunction with the araba and the olu awo to organize educational experiences for temple members and their families. This includes publications, classes, lectures and workshops. 


The iyalorisa is a ritual specialist who is adept at orisa devotion, specifically ojo ose. In addition, the iyalorisa performs obi and erindinlogun divination for the temple community. This includes personal consultations, as well as our members' orisa annual festivals. The iyalorisa works in conjunction with the araba and the olu awo to perform esentaiye, marriages and other important rites. 



The Oluwanje attends to the Olu Awo, including grocery shopping, cooking, calendar review and support. 

Iya Olomo Wewe


The Iya Olomo wewe works directly with the Olu Awo to provide educational experiences for the school aged children in the temple. This includes coordinating personnel and activities, developing learning materials and training for the home and ceremony settings. 

Iya Agan


The Iya Agan works directly with the Olu Awo and the temple leadership team to provide companionship, comfort, and guidance to members who are facing a terminal illness or death. The Iya Agan's support encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical care. She offers resources to help the dying person, or their family and loved ones make informed decisions in a supportive environment that is consistent with the principles and practices of our temple.



The aumuludun works directly with the Olu Awo and the temple leadership team to coordinate temple excursions to destinations that are of cultural and or historical significance to Africans in the United States of America.