Message from President Obafemi Origunwa, MA.

Since 2001, my service has evolved from an after school program in Oakalnd, CA to the largest school for African American leadership in the global orisa community. Our students strengthen the African American community by engaging in orisa education, practice, and identity.

As the lead instructor and Oluwo, my scholarship and teaching advance the transmission of African American heritage and tradition, from one generation to the next. The Orisa Lifestyle Academy drives the ideas and builds the leaders who will shape the future of Africans in America.


Life is too short to do something that doesn't bring you joy.

Pathways to Leadership

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The Temple

The Orisa Lifestyle Academy is the flagship program of the OturuponWonnifa Temple. It is a renowned religious institution recognized as the birthplace of the Orisa Lifestyle movement. It is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

As the first Oluwo of OturuponWonnifa Temple, Baba Obafemi Origunwa has devoted himself to preaching doctrines of Ifa to hundreds of his followers. 

The main pillars of Orisa Lifestyle are the sacred texts of Odu Ifa, dream incubation, traditional Ifa medicine, visual arts and daily devotion. This cultural heritage defines daily temple life and is representative of the Ifa tradition of West Africa.

Students, as well as members of the general public come to the temple for spiritual support. In addition, the OturuponWonnifa temple has its roots in the Okemuyiwa compound in Abeokuta, Nigeria. 

Oya Oriri


The Holy Odu OturuponOwonrin is our spiritual charter.  

Ifá says that the Holy Odu OturuponOwonrin is too demanding for the novice priest to recite; it is the prerogative of the elder awo to speak upon it.

This was Ifa's teaching for Onira Sa Ira - the King of Ira - who was told to venerate Orisa Oya at Oja Igbo market in order to transcend and overcome. 

Consequently, The primary orisa of Ira is Oya. Likewise, the matron orisa of OturuponWonnifa Temple is Oya! 

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We prepare leaders to build flourishing, progressive Black communities.


Our program provides a unique opportunity for Orisa devotees to understand and respond to a variety of social problems encountered in the course of serving the community. Students are offered coursework and supervision with attention to the specific context of community building.

Compelling Conversations

Over 100,000 participants from  Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and across the USA have participated in Orisa Lifestyle Academy's online services, publications, live classes and ceremonies. Presented in partnership with responsible members of the Orisa community, these programs bring Ifa's leading thinkers and social and cultural influencers together in conversation on a broad range of issues, including economic development, arts and culture, civil society, religion, and history.