Study, practice and fellowship with the best and brightest African American devotees.

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In the Orisa Lifestyle Academy, we create a secure learning environment, where you get trained in the fundamentals of Orisa devotion.

Our students learn the sacred text of Ifa, to chant in Yoruba, to practice dream incubation and to practice weekly orisa devotion.

We  gather online and in person at regular intervals to perform ceremonies. The Orisa Lifestyle Academy offers ancient wisdom in a modern format.



Ekaabo o!

You are


Our students are immersed in a rigorous exploration of Orisa Lifestyle.
They are trained in three performance areas on six levels.
These experiences arm students with the time management, teamwork and leadership skills necessary to succeed in spiritual and social endeavors.
Regular habits—including recitation, prayer and divination—are considered among the most valuable features of an Orisa Lifestyle Academy education.
We welcome the Good Spirit.

"The instructors make the information accessible and clear, even with the language barriers. They are very knowledgeable and take the time making sure each person truly learns."
- Akin, Houston

"As I’m stepping onto a new foundation of life and in this world I feel I have to touch on and learn every aspect of whatever I want to be involved in and I loved every minute of this course and the support and people included ... It was positive and I would love to do more!"

- Bolanle, North Carolina

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