About Us

The Orisa Lifestyle Academy (OLA) is the intellectual core of Yoruba spirituality.  OLA is the largest and the most prestigious teaching and research institution of its kind. Through our online platforms, OLA reaches over 20 thousand people daily. Our live events have directly impacted over 50 thousand people world wide. Perhaps most importantly, the OLA founder, Obafemi Origunwa has shaped the minds of an entire generation of devotees. 

OLA attracts the best minds and the purest hearts. We currently have students in Tahiti, New York, Texas, Arizona and California. Our students have been recipients of PhD, MBA and Yoga Teaching Certification.

OLA workshops, publications and courses take our students, devotees and priests on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime by exposing them to a vibrant, broad-based Orisa education at the highest level of excellence. Our students engage in dialogue with the Orisa world’s best teachers and its most distinguished priests and scholars. Together they participate in projects at the forefront of Yoruba spirituality, solve pressing social problems, create art, explore diverse values and cultures, and seek answers to the biggest questions of our times.

OLA offers students a choice of more than 40 classes, as well as vast opportunities to study and practice Orisa Lifestyle according to the parameters of traditional Yoruba disciplines. By encouraging students to pursue their curiosity in a multitude of areas, OLA sets its participants on a lifelong path of learning and personal growth.

The Orisa Lifestyle Academy is divided into three divisions: 

  1. Tiwa n Tiwa Membership
  2. Personal Priesthood Certification
  3. Educational Tours

The value of formal education and training is not the learning of many facts and techniques, but the training of the mind to perceive something that must be experienced from the inside out.

- Obafemi Origunwa, MA