Learn the Art & Practice of Yoruba Spirituality

What is the role of prayer? Who are the ancestors and how to connect with them? What is destiny and how does Orisa devotion support its discovery?

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School of Orisa Studies

We are a global community of learners. We are devoted to practicing Orisa Lifestyle in order to help bring about the Good Condition for Africans everywhere.

Instruction at the School of Orisa Studies is based on the Holy Odu Ifa. As such, Orunmila guides the content and delivery of instruction. 

In keeping with Orunmila's educational model, the School of Orisa Studies is organized around three areas of activity:

  1. Knowledge: Ritual proficiency, including chanting, divination and offerings
  2. Wisdom: Exploration of Sacred Text
  3. Understanding: How to practice Yoruba spirituality to attain excellence in your everyday life

We are looking for leaders who are committed to changing the world through positive influence. Is that you? If so, enroll in the School of Orisa Studies today and start taking your life to the next level.