Orisa Shrines of Trinidad

Online Masterclass taught by Iya Malaika Remy-Aubin.

Learn about the unique icons, symbols and uses of Orisa Shrines in Trinidad. 



Three different categories of Orisa shrines in Trinidad & Tobago


How to identify Orisa by their colors and flags


Four cultural influences on the Orisa tradition of Trinidad & Tobago


"Ifaremi was so intelligent. She knows her practice."

"I enrolled in this class because To learn about a different Tradition other than my own. It's important to be respectful to different Ile's and how worshipers manifest the Ase within their tradition. I wanted to be enlightened when I see someone from Trinidad sharing information about their tradition."

"She is clearly passionate about her culture, knowledgeable about the inner workings of the tradition."

"We listened and learned about the Yard. The ceremony was intriguing and invigorating. I was mesmerized."

"My takeaway is that when I go to Trinidad, to go during a time when these festivities are occurring so that I can celebrate the Orisha and ancestors of the land with my distant relatives."

"Very similar to the old spiritual churches in hoodoo."

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Inside the palais [orisa temple], the orisa are praised with the vigor and enthusiasm befitting of their stature as ubiquitous protectors, guides and teachers. And while the overall style of worship is similar to those of places like Brazil, Cuba and Nigeria, there are some practices that are unique to Trinidad & Tobago. For example, before the drumming starts, an altar is created before the drummers. It consists of a gourd, a carafe of water, olive oil, liquor and candles. All these items are placed directly onto the ground and then they are ritually circled with olive oil. At one point in the ceremony, the devotees take the various sacred ingredients from the altar and each ingredient is then taken to a specific place in the palais, where it is used to consecrate the space and make way for blessings. Join this masterclass and learn more about the symbols, icons and mysteries of the Trinidadian Orisa tradition. 

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A ground-breaking masterclass taught by Iya Malaika Remy-Aubin

Save 15% | Use Code 99SHRINES