Orisa Studies Made Easy

Finally, you can get simple - but thoughtful - answers to your most important questions about Yoruba spirituality. My YouTube channel has hundreds of educational videos that explain the complexities of Orisa Lifestyle in a clear, step-by-step format that anybody can understand. 


Discover the Beauty of Orisa Lifestyle 

"Baba Obafemi immediately spoke to my Spirit and my intellect the moment I saw one of his videos for the first time. He just made so much sense!! There was a complete absence of empty dogmatic rhetoric and instead there was a rich, colorful illustration of how to live.  He seemed practical and accessible. Holistic. Contemporary. I picked up on his progressive ideas on a very old tradition. Also, the fact that he is a professional counselor was icing on the cake. And I have to say--the person I saw on the videos is the same exact one I met in person.  He's real.  No pretense... I no longer feel like a wandering soul trying to figure it out. My feet touch solid ground. I am not exaggerating when I say that the experience was one of the most profound moments in my life.  I came away from it with a real, tangible, palpable sense that my life had officially been ordered, structured, defined."


Caring & Patient Spiritual Guidance 

I found Obafemi on the Internet and decided to work with him after studying his blog, web site, youtube videos and facilitation at Ose Ifa ceremonies. The single biggest impact of working with Obafemi is receiving spiritual guidance that is communicated in a caring, patient manner. Obafemi's understanding of the human psyche and his experience working with diverse personalities makes him unique. He freely shares his knowledge and understanding without condescension. Obafemi is an inspirational and a powerful gift to our community.

Like Family

I wanted to gain a better understand of my destiny in life as well as solutions to many of the problems that have transpired throughout my life. I found ObafemiO by watching his You tube videos. I have watched all of the youtube videos, researched his career and have seen other people speak very highly of baba Obafemi before actually making the decision to work with him. We did Ifa Divination reading and the moon ritual. The moon ritual was very exhilarating and showed me power I have never seen before. One thing that makes ObafemiO unique and special is his humble spirit, attention to detail, the fact that he made me feel as though I was family. 


Plain Language & Genuine Concern

I wanted to know more about my ancestors' relationship with the divine prior to their indoctrination into Christianity. I searched online for teachers and found Obafemi. 

I was struck by his ability to use plain language and real life applications for his lessons. I decided to work with him after viewing several of his videos, and observing him at the shrine in Oakland.  I've attended Ose Ifa, Atunse, Itadogun, Nigeria retreat 2017, had readings, telephone conversations, and enrolled in some of his classes. Nigeria Retreat 2017 was a significant event because it included my initiation into Egungun. 

It was a cultural immersion for me that endeared me to the African continent and its people. It provided clarity and structure for me to move forward in my spiritual journey.

Therefore, the single biggest impact of the work I have done with Obafemi has been the realization that I can join the movement to make a significant contribution to the preservation and cultivation of Ifa Orisa Lifestyle in North America.  

The one thing that makes Obafemi unique and special is his gift of teaching.  I have observed him teach multiple personalities in a variety of settings and each time he conveys a genuine concern for everyone in the room.