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Spiritual planning is about more than just readings and sacrifices.  It's about making your spiritual values visible and evident in everything you do. It's about making decisions - at home, at work, in the market - that reveal your divine purpose on earth. Creating and following a quarterly plan - which integrates consultation, study, ceremonies and sacred service - will help you turn your dreams into a reality. 

You Will Need Two Levels of Advise: Firstly, you'll need spiritual advise, which will help you understand what Ifa says, what sacrifices to make, what observances (things you must do and things you must avoid) to uphold  and to create a timeline for your rites of passage.  

Secondly, you will need academic/professional advise. This will help you focus on making use of Orisa Lifestyle Academy resources, including Expository Study Guides, Personal Priesthood Certification and Educational Tours. 

Together, Spiritual and Academic/Professional Advise will help you understand how to balance your spiritual development and academic/professional progress. You will be expected to meet high standards of member responsibility essential for success at the Orisa Lifestyle Academy. As you plan your studies, remember that you are ultimately responsible for your progress and spiritual experience. 

Your Tiwa n Tiwa annual membership entitles you to 3 Ifa consultations a year, including a spiritual planning journal and workbook. 



In 1994, Obafemi Origunwa met his first teacher, Babalade Olamina. The meeting was auspicious for Obafemi because he had recently began studying Yoruba tradition, just finished graduate school, started his career and was expecting his first child. He needed a mentor and Babalade was perfect for the job. Babalade introduced Obafemi to an expansive ocean of songs and stories about music, family and culture. These conversations solidified Obafemi's commitment and broadened his imagination at the same time.

Now, using those talks with Babalade as a template, Obafemi will get together with innovative and respected Yoruba priests to continue having groundbreaking and timeless conversations about the manifestation of consistent and enduring spiritual patterns in literature,  music, films, sacred texts and real life. The conversations will encourage you to view your own life as a mythic journey.


Ifa is the matrix of all Yoruba indigenous knowledge systems. The Ifa literary corpus, called the Holy Odu, consists of 256 parts subdivided into verses called ese, whose exact number is beyond calculation. Each ese contains historical, medicinal, behavioral, scientific, spiritual and social directives for helping to bring about the Good Condition.

As a member of the Orisa Lifestyle Academy, you will have access to four Expository Study Guides every year. Each Study Guide is replete with analysis, lesson outlines, activities and verse by verse exposition of selected Holy Odu.

Discussions are short cases on life challenges, based on actual cases taught in Ifa temples. They allow students to apply conceptual material to real-world spiritual situations. Each is about 30 pages and functions as a template for studying the Holy Odu.


Orisa Lifestyle Academy is an online multimedia clearing house of information pertaining to Yoruba spirituality. With over 1,000 videos, 900 pages of blog entries, tens of thousands of enlightening social media posts, and hundreds of free downloads, the Orisa Lifestyle Academy is a worldwide hub for the dissemination of knowledge about everything related to Yoruba spirituality, especially as a pathway to emotional, mental and ancestral healing. Here's my suggestion on how to use the resources available.

I've been inspired by the many people who have reached out to me and said, "I've watched ALL your videos!!!" At last count, I've produced over 350 educational videos. These videos offer you a free and easily accessible introduction to Orisa Lifestyle. You will find a little bit of philosophy, some history and a good dose of Ifa stories.


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As a Tiwa n Tiwa Member, you will have access to the resources you need to personalize your practice and stay true to your destiny.


One of the major purposes of Tiwa n Tiwa membership s to identify, organize, and manage the literature and all appropriate forms of media relating to Orisa Lifestyle. At present, the Orisa Lifestyle Academy holds a significant number of the key papers, videos and reports on this area of specialization. While our holdings are significant, they represent only a tiny portion of the papers, reports, studies, and archives in existence. To fulfill its current and long-term objectives, it is the intent of the Orisa Lifestyle Academy to identify, acquire, organize, and manage the world's literature relating to Orisa Lifestyle and to assist individuals in the organization and management of their personal libraries as well.


As a Tiwa n Tiwa Member, you will have access to the resources you need to personalize your practice and stay true to your destiny.


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