New Orleans: Orisa Songs Workshop

Embody the magnetic power of the orisa!

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Who Feels it Know it

Rhythm is the love language of African people around the world. We use it to communicate the secrets of our souls and to transcend the limitations of space and time.

Orisa Chants, Prayers & Songs is Obafemi Origunwa's signature workshop for the African American seeker who is ready to dive deep into Yoruba healing arts and explore Orisa devotional practices. 

When we resonate with the drum, song and dance, the ancestors manifest healing energy. Let the rhythm continue to restore our connection to those who came before us. Àse!

Gifted & Guided

Baba Obafemi made me believe in my own gifts and to trust myself and spiritual guides. He’s American with a vast knowledge in African cultural spiritual system. Which allows him to understand the type of struggle we deal with being an African American and can provide real guidance living in the American system.

Ojelabi, Egungun Devotee

The one thing that makes Baba Obafemi unique and special is his gift of teaching. I have observed him teach multiple personalities in a variety of settings and each time he conveys a genuine concern for everyone in the room. 

Fabunmi Adefunmi, Yeye Oba of Oyotunji Kingdom

Baba Obafemi is truly a scholar, a keeper of the ancient ways of our people. He makes me hungry for knowledge when it pertains to traditions spirituality and culture. 

Let's Sing Together

In this interactive, FIVE 

part workshop, you will receive:

Live, expert instruction from a seasoned Ifa priest and devotee

Step-by-step directions for how to chant, pray and sing in Yoruba and English

Written text of songs and chants in Yoruba and English

Recording of all songs