Ifa Medicine, Charms and Protection

Masterclass With Chief Lanre Okemuyiwa


What is Ifa Medicine?

Learn three different categories of Ifa medicine

Who is Osanyin?

What does Ifa teach about the Orisa of medicine and natural healing?

How to Make Ifa Medicine

Learn how to prepare three kinds of Ifa medicine

"As I’m stepping onto a new foundation of life and in this world I feel I have to touch on and learn every aspect of whatever I want to be involved in and I loved every minute of this course and the support and people included ... It was positive and I would love to do more! "

Charlotte, NC

"Obafemi has a strong sense of integrity and a humble but beautiful way of bringing out the best in everyone. And Chief Lanre reminds us of the amazing library, a living archive, that a knowledgeable elder is. "

Chicago, Illinois

"The instructors make the information accessible and clear, even with the language barriers. They are very knowledgeable and take the time making sure each person truly learns."

Houston, TX

Ifa Medicine, Charms & Protection

Masterclass With Chief Lanre Okemuyiwa


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