Obafemi Origunwa




Please join me as I celebrate my Ifa Festival. 

July 28-30, 2023


IrosunOse Festival

Obafemi Origunwa's Ifa Festival


Three Days of Ceremony

DAY 1: JULY 28


We will wash, then feed all orisa in the house in omi ero, starting with the earth and ending with Ifa. 

DAY 2: JULY 29

Ayeye: Party

Atlanta is home to some of the best summer festivals in the nation. We'll take advantage of the fact that the Junkanoo Festival is happening and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean! 

DAY 3: JULY 30

Dida Ifa

Chief Lanre will cast Ifa for the New Year, overview the forecast and observances. 


Aseyi Asamodun

During annual celebrations, we greet one another by saying, "Eku Odun" which means, Happy New in Yoruba. The response is, "Aseyi asamodun." It means, "Let's do it again even more next year."

"The thin Ose
The tall Ogbe
They cast Ifá for the farmer
When they were at the annual harvest
He was told that this year was the year of success
He complied
The same awo cast Ifá for Olofin, the king
He was warned to offer ebo
So that his mother would not get lost
He refused to comply
Now the farmer has brought back Odun
Travelers to the towns of Ipó and Ofa
Offering ebo is profitable
Non-compliance is not"

- Holy Odu OseOgbe

"Ope abi hahani ko e ku firi ko
Cast Ifa for the big cat
When he was surrounded by many animals
They asked him to make sacrifice
He obeyed
So who is this?
He's a priest
And who is that?
He is also a priest
It is true that the cat is a priest
It is true that the cat is the priest of Ewi Ado"

- Holy Odu IrosunOse

"I said I'm at the farm
I paired the farm with Esu Odara
I use the hoe on the farm to the point of approaching the witches
It's time to move to a new farm,
I ran into the mighty
They made Ifa divination for Ori
When Ori came from heaven to earth
He came alone
He was advised to offer sacrifice so as not to be alone
Ori obeyed
That's why Ori said that I was going to have riches.
I have riches
He said that I will have all the blessings
I have all the blessings
Irosun Oso, you have left me alone
You said that I would have all the blessings of life"

- Holy Odu IrosunOse

Let's Celebrate Our Oluwo

Join us for 3-days of ceremony, celebration and community. We're going to eat, drink, chant, sing, drum and fellowship with Oluwo Obafemi Origunwa and Chief Lanre Okemuyiwa!